Anti-static Big Bag (C and D)

Anti-static (conductive) Big Bags are specialist bags for discharging charges generated during the filling and unloading of products, which can be the source of explosions.

Anti-static (conductive) bags are manufactured from polypropylene textile combined with conductive fibres, and the bag loops are also earthed. This allows any static electricity generated when filling or emptying the bag to be discharged to earth.

Big Bags can be equipped with a:

  • filling/discharge spout,
  • open-top,
  • flap
  • and wide feed/discharge opening (so-called skirt).

As a manufacturer, we give you the opportunity to customize the design, so that each bag is most suited to client needs.

We can make an imprint with your company logo on each bag.

Big Bag top

Possible variants:

Closing flap
Filling spout

Big Bag bottom

Possible variants:

Closed bottom
Filling spout
Discharge skirt

If you need a non-standard solution

Choose Shankarpack Big Bags

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